One of Our Players Just Won $54,328 With Jackpotz Mania! πŸŽ‰

Check it out! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you. Our player, sfv***, recently hit the jackpot at BitStarz Casino, walking away with a whopping $54,328 – and here’s the kicker: he didn’t spend a dime to do it.

All thanks to BitStarz’s newest exclusive feature, Jackpotz Mania. Can you believe it? It’s like there’s money just waiting to be won here. Well, guess what? There kinda is…

If you haven’t tried your luck with Jackpotz Mania yet, maybe now’s the time to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you’ll be our next big winner?

So, what exactly is Jackpotz Mania?

Jackpotz Mania, or JPM for short, is a special feature at BitStarz that gives you the chance to play for and win two daily jackpots – completely free of charge. That’s right, and any winnings you score are yours to keep!

We introduced this exclusive offering just last month, and the response from players like you has been phenomenal. We created Jackpotz Mania with the goal of elevating your gaming experience here – because your enjoyment matters to us!

With JPM, you have the opportunity to play for both Minor and Mega Progressive Jackpots every single day, plus you’re automatically entered into our monthly races, where we give away a total of 1,000 prizes amounting to $25,000.

But… how does it all work?

Here’s the scoop: Every time you log in to BitStarz, we’ll credit your account with J$, a special currency exclusive to this feature.

Your J$ are automatically converted into Daily Jackpot Spins, which you can use to spin for the jackpots on eligible games.

To hit the jackpot, the total winnings from your spins must meet the target amount. For instance, if the target is J$333, then your combined winnings need to match that.

But wait, there’s more! JPM also comes with perks to give you a little boost in reaching your targets and scoring those jackpots – compliments of us.

So, what are these perks and how do you get them?

Well, it all depends on your JPM status – Inactive, Active, or VIP – each offering different perks based on your activity at BitStarz over the last 30 days.

Ideally, you want to aim for Active Status; this is where things really ramp up with more Daily Jackpot Spins, higher betting limits, access to exclusive races, boosters, rakeback, and a special jackpot bonus. You achieve Active Status by wagering $1,000 at BitStarz in the past month.

With Inactive Status, you can still chase the two daily jackpots and participate in the races, albeit with fewer perks. VIP Status? That’s reserved for the select few – by invitation only πŸ˜‰

Your chance to win big is here!

With players hitting jackpots left and right, and now someone walking away with a $54,328 Mega Jackpot simply by logging in to BitStarz, it’s safe to say we’re all a little crazy here – but in the best possible way.

Joining the Jackpotz Mania frenzy is a no-brainer. Why pass up the chance to win loads of cash for free?

For more information about JPM, head on over to our site by clicking here!